Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium

12 Nov'11
Sen. Jose Locsin Cultural and Civic Center

East Asia Royale Hotel

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Finalists for 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Readers’ Choice

Here are the finalists for 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Readers’ Choice: ARMIE YUSON (armieyuson.blogspot.com) Balintataw (balintataw.i.ph) Biyaheng Pinoy (biyahengpinoy.blogspot.com) Bluecloud’s Confessions (bluecloud1003.blogspot.com) Business Tips Philippines (www.businesstips.ph) Go Archers (www.goarchers.com) iflipdaily (www.iflipdaily.com) Jayson de Lemon (jaysondelemon.blogspot.com) Jerry Polence: Filipina Cosplayer (www.polence.com) Libre Lang Mangarap! (otep.wordpress.com) Marz Today (bestmariel.blogspot.com) Mykiru Isyusero (mykiru.blogspot.com) Pinoy Teens (www.pinoyteens.net) Pop Reviews […]

Winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao

Here are the winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao: Beauty & Fashion: chamimay on flats (chamimayonflats.blogspot.com) Food & Beverage: Eat’s Terrific (www.ormanmanansala.com) Lifestyle: Lessons Of A Dad (www.lessonsofadad.com) Personal/Diary: Anything goes.. (sdumalay.blogspot.com) Photoblog: Lantaw (lantaw.blogspot.com) Technology: Geeky Faust (www.geekyfaust.info) Travel: The Travel Teller (www.thetravelteller.com) Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks and our […]

Winners of the Visayas Leg of the Philippine Blog Awards 2011

Here are the winners of the Philippine Blog Awards for Visayas. Culture and Arts: Tumandok (http://tumandok.wordpress.com/) Food and Beverage: Flavours of Iloilo (http://flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com/) Lifestyle: RandomThoughts! (http://gilcamporazorandomthoughts.blogspot.com/) Personal: The Young Pinoy Blogger (http://www.aroundtheflexure.com/) Photoblog: onethirdpoundpatty (http://www.onethirdpoundpatty.com/) Technology: Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments (http://www.max.limpag.com) Travel: looney planet (http://www.looneyplanet.net/) Congratulations!

List of finalists for PBA 2011 Visayas

Here are the finalists for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Visayas leg: Culture and Arts Jaysee Blabs (http://jayseeblabs.blogspot.com/) Tumandok (http://tumandok.wordpress.com/) Balakista (http://balakista.blogspot.com/) Visayan Filipino Martial Arts (http://visayanfilipinomartialarts.blogspot.com/) Visayan Arnis/Eskrima (http://visayanarniseskrima.blogspot.com/) Food and Beverage Flavours of Iloilo (http://flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com/) The Culinary Adventures of the Bacolod Food Hunters (http://bacolodfoodhunters.wordpress.com/) Lifestyle Tribo’s Cup (http://tribong-upos.xanga.com/) RandomThoughts! (http://gilcamporazorandomthoughts.blogspot.com/) The Ilonggo Network […]

PBA Mindanao 2011

We are proud to announce that the Awards Night for the PBA Mindanao Awards will be in General Santos City. The PBA will be working with the bloggers of South Central Mindanao and on-line media practitioners. The Awards Dinner will be on the 5th of Novemeber 2011. Everything though is best said by our partners. […]

Philippine Blog Awards 2011: Starts this June 30, 2011

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that the nomination for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards will start on the 30th of June 2011. Bayanihan: The 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Night will be held at near the end of 2011 from November to December in different venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In the next […]

Philippine Blog Awards 2010 winners

Here are the list of winners of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards: MAIN AWARDS Best Blog in Advocacy Category – Web Safety Philippines by Sonnie Santos Best Blog in Beauty and Fashion Category – The Reluctant Stylista by Alexandra Lapa Best Blog in Business Category – Ready to be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte Best Blog […]

How to get to RCBC Plaza

Are you excited about the PBA 2010 Luzon Awards Night? We are excited to see you as well. We don’t like you to get lost going to the awards venue, so here are some directions on how to get to RCBC Plaza. From the north/east (Caloocan City, Quezon City, Rizal): Take the MRT and get […]

Finalists: Sports

Filipino Boxing Journal Pinoy Fight Scribe GreenArchers.ph From the Fifty Peso Seats GreenArchers.ph Davao Poker The Gingerbread Report Tennis Guru Camsur Free Red Racing and Adventure Team Every Next 3 Years The Running Mom Tennis Guru

Finalists: Videocast and Podcast

Pinoy PC Perspective pinoy how to World 3 When In Manila Project52Weeks