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Notice to the public

The Philippine Blog Awards (Philippine Blogger Awards Inc.) is not affiliated with, nor in any way related to entities claiming as such. We are not endorsing any award-giving body as the Philippine Blog Awards’ successor. Any implication otherwise is a gross misrepresentation of our organization. Hence, we hold no responsibility nor liability to persons, groups, or corporations who have decided to engage in business or participate in events with entities misrepresenting the Philippine Blog Awards.

We would like to thank the bloggers who have brought to our attention of nominee email from Bloggys 2015 (Philippine Blogging Awards) where their member claimed they are our successor. Bloggys organizer, EssaysPH, have acknowledged the oversight and we expect they will ensure any incident of misrepresentation will not happen again.

While we encourage providing different platforms to recognize the excellence of Philippine blogs, we urge companies and/or groups planning or holding their own award-giving body to set an example of integrity and originality. Our outstanding bloggers deserve not only a trophy, certificate, or badge, but also the honor of being recognized by an organization they can trust.
Even though we are not endorsing nor are we allowing any other award-giving body to use our brand, we highly encourage bloggers to participate in the shared advocacy of giving recognition to deserving Philippine blogs.

Thank you.

8 Responses to “Notice to the public”

  1. Juni Dela Cruz says:

    Most Bloggys nominees received a nomination email/receipt but it states “Bloggys 2015, Philippine Blogging Awards”, not “Philippine Blog Awards”.

    Here’s my sample screenshot of my nomination receipt:

    Where is your evidence that they’re claiming to be a successor of PBA? Do you have a screenshot?

  2. featherlite says:


    The original PBA had it’s prime few years ago. When they kicked out their founder (Abe Olandres of Yugatech.com) because of money, the organization went haywire.

    And now they’re just spreading half-truth rumors on anything that gets in their way, even they are now defunct. What’s this? A competition of the best award giving body?

    On the other hand, I suggest that Bloggys 2015, 2016, 2017 or so forth… should change their description to avoid confusion.

  3. Aileen Apolo says:

    Juni and Featherlite

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I was the one who brought to the attention to PBA the use of their name. Perhaps Juni received his nomination AFTER me when the Bloggys organizers realized their mistake. The issue here is not the fact that PBA is currently inactive. The issue is the use of their name = misrepresentation. Bloggys has promised they will rectify the matter. I see nothing wrong with Bloggys hosting their own awards, they just need to differentiate better and clarify with participants that they are not the same or claim that they are the successor of PBA. Let’s not create further dissonance in the blogosphere since it’s one big community. Thanks.

  4. obiboymiles says:

    Juni Dela Cruz

    Kapal ng mukha mo ha.

    Yung screenshot pa ng blog ko ang ginamit mo.

  5. Tonyo says:

    Siraan pa natin yang Bloggys na yan! Calling Noemi and Markku.

    Walang karapatan ang Bloggys, DigitalFilipino’s Emerging Influential Blogs, Pinoy Expat Blog Awards, Best Cebu Blog Awards mag hold ng blog awards – mga saling pusa lang kayo.

    Philippien Blog Awards lang ang pinaka-credible sa lahat.

  6. domzci says:

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  7. Torv says:

    Hi, on occasion I get a 404 website message when I view your website. Just a heads up, best wishes

  8. We would like to thank the bloggers https://jakwebs.com who have brought to our attention of nominee email from Bloggys 2015 (Philippine Blogging Awards).

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