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The Blogger Bahay Project (or an explanation on this year’s trophy)

Ever since the start, the Philippine Blog Awards has always been about giving recognition to blogs worth visiting and reading. And through the years each awards night had a theme. There was One Blogging Nation (2009), Beyond Blogging (2010) and this year it is Bayanihan. Bayanihan is Pilipino word that means community building or nation building.

This year it has changed.

This year the Philippine Blog Awards aims to not only to give recognition to blogs and bloggers but also to launch a project with Habitat for Humanity called the Blogger Bahay Project

Blogging is not the new kid on the block in the global neighborhood of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Blogs and bloggers have had their share of criticism, praise and condemnation. It is a part of life whether one is in the digital world or not. What is important though is try to do some good as one goes through the road of life. The Blogger Bahay Project aims to tap the digital world and make things happen in the real world. In paper the project aims to raise funds and manpower to build a Habitat for Humanity house this coming May 2012. Beyond the paper, the project aims to make changes and contributions go beyond the digital world. In this way making the Bayanihan effort go beyond the digital world.

How can this be done ?

The trophy of the PBA this year is the man riding the carabao. The rider and the carabao is often a repeated image in Asia. The carabao has been a part of Philippine society as the means to transport goods, as the means to till the land and even as the means to move from point A to B. Each blogger, each netizen, is that rider and the carabao is the means to do things. That farmer is lik a blogger, and his carabao, the blog.

And that is how it will be done – the blogger and the blog.

It is a challenge, no doubt, and it might not be an easy road but with our collective skills, tools and talents we can make this happen.

Part of the money raised for the 2011 PBA has been earmarked as seed fund for this project. But there is still much work to be done and more help needed to make the Blogger Bahay Project a reality this May 2012. Let us make this happen.

It is time to rekindle the spirit of Bayanihan.

Juned Sonido
Philippine Blog Awards

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