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12 Nov'11
Sen. Jose Locsin Cultural and Civic Center

East Asia Royale Hotel

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Nationals

Best Advocacy Blog

Environment Philippines http://www.environmentphilippines.com

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog

Jenne Chrisville http://www.jennechrisville.wordpress.com/

Best Busines Blog

Ready to be Rich http://www.fitzvillafuerte.com

Best Culture and Arts Blog

Sining Factory http://www.siningfactory.weebly.com

Best Entertainment Blog

Without Wang 2 http://andronico.wordpress.com/

Best Food & Beverage Blog

Ralph Guzman // Foodie http://www.ratedralph.com

Best Gaming Blog

The Otaku Fridge http://www.otakufridge.com

Best Hobbies and Recreation Blog

kuhol.net – cars, culture, competition, community http://kuhol.net/

Best Home and Parenting Blog

Dainty Mom http://www.daintymom.com

Best Humor Blog

The Professional Heckler http://professionalheckler.wordpress.com

Best Lifestyle Blog

Geek Girl Manila http://geekgirlmanila.com/

Best Literature Blog

Pointless Paranoia http://www.pointlessparanoia.wordpress.com/

Best Personal/Diary Blog

I Am Fickle Cattle http://www.ficklecattle.blogspot.com/

Best Photo Blog

RosariOko http://www.rosarioko.com

Best Society, Politics and History Blog

It’s True! It’s True! http://www.mistervader.blogspot.com/

Best Sports Blog

CebuRunning http://www.ceburunning.com

Best Technology Blog

LS Geekster Online http://www.lsgeekster.blogspot.com/

Best Travel Blog

We are Sole Sisters http://www.wearesolesisters.com/

Best Videocasts and Podcasts Blog

Brink Notes Podcast Network http://www.bncast.com



Best Filipiniana Blog

Live in the Philippines http://www.liveinthephilippines.com

Top Video/Podcast

Krimmy Couple: A Korean-Filipino Love Story http://www.mykoreanboyfriend.com/2011/02/krimmy-couple-a-korean-filipino-love-story/

My Korean Boyfriend http://mykoreanboyfriend.wordpress.com

Top PhotoPost

2011: its 1/1/11, a new year and a fresh start http://www.lantaw.blogspot.com/2011/01/2011-its-1111-new-year-and-fresh-start.html

Lantaw http://www.lantaw.blogspot.com

Top Post

Blood Stains, the Smell of Disinfectant and the RH Bill http://www.orchestroscopy.blogspot.com/2011/05/blood-stains-smell-of-disinfectant-and.html

ORCHESTROSCOPY http://www.orchestroscopy.blogspot.com/

Best Blog Design

Markable http://www.markable.me/

Readers’ Choice

Culture Shack http://www.cultureshacked.blogspot.com/

Bloggers Choice

Libre Lang Mangarap http://otep.wordpress.com/


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  1. Wow, I never thought to read an article on this level of congratulations.

  2. Adeus rugas says:

    This post is changing my point of view i will share on my facebook

  3. Congratulations on the article, I’m very much a fan of the blog.

  4. Kaylin says:

    d 1ccHey Shannon, congrats on your prnecagny!! The roller coaster of emotions can be so hard & those first few weeks really do seem to drag on forever. But like everyone told me, eventually they speed up. I wish you the best in your pregnancy, especially during these delicate weeks, and I’m so glad this felt like a big virtual hug 27bd4c

  5. Este post está mudando meu ponto de vista, vou compartilhar

  6. Muito obrigado por compartilhar

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  9. Paulo Gomes says:

    Loved it, very good. I love this blog!

  10. Thank you for all this teaching!

  11. Junior viera says:

    thanks for everything!

  12. Hourse Davi says:

    Obrigado! pelas informações.

  13. adrian says:

    Digital printing jakata timur : Congratulations to the Winners good luck

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