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12 Nov'11
Sen. Jose Locsin Cultural and Civic Center

East Asia Royale Hotel

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Special Category – Finalists – Post, Photo Post and Video Post and Podcast

Finalists – Top Post for 2010

Playing a role in the online coverage of 2010 elections
Alam Mong Sikat Ka Kung
An Open Letter to the One Who Loves Me
The Shoes He Will Be Wearing
Do They Read Blogs in Heaven?
Geek and Gamer Girls
Ang Paghihintay sa Tunay na Liham: Isang Rebyu sa Dulang Ang Post Office ng Philippine Educational Theater Association o PETA

Finalists Top Three Posts for 2010

Ma’am Pulag: Mountain, Myth and Reflection
Secret Lives of Nurses
EXCLUSIVE: GMA Breaks Her Silence
Sometimes We Are Lost
DOH Sec. Esperanza Cabral on Sex Education and other health concerns
Fireworks, Hormones and this Blog Post

Finalists – Top Three Photo Posts
Pahiyas Festival
The Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant
30 Most Affordable Foods in Marikina City http://www.biyahengpinoy.com/2010/08/30-most-affordable-foods-in-marikina.html
Code Geass: C.C. Train Station Photoset
A Solo Traveler’s Photo Story of Backpacking in Palawan

Finalists -Top Three Video Post and Podcast for 2010
Remember: The Melody
Krimmy Couple: Of Bad Words and Saranghae
Krimmy Couple: The Korean Eats Balut
Podcast 6: Being Friends with the Ex
Podcast 4: Friends to Lovers

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Noemi L. Dado, Noemi L. Dado, Lorna L. Dietz, My Korean Boyfriend, Flowell Galindez and others. Flowell Galindez said: Wow my interview with former DOH Sec Esperanza Cabral is one of the finalists for the Top 3 Blog Post of the Year http://bit.ly/h7iHjv […]

  2. […] nomination. My post: EXCLUSIVE: GMA Breaks Her Silence is one of the finalists in the category: Top Three Posts for 2010. To borrow Maria Venus Raj’s oft-used phrase, “Sobra-sobrang amazing ng feeling.” Thank you […]

  3. Sorry but the link posted above for the 30 Most Affordable Foods in Marikina City is incorrect. Here is the correct url. Thank you..


  4. Mike Abundo says:

    Thanks for including my post in the list of finalists! Geek and gamer girls rock! 😀

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    wow mas maganda pa yung napanood ko na

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  10. Hamet says:

    Oh how glamorous. Jill’s home would be lovley any day of the year, but I really love her judicious use of holiday lighting and decor. Beautiful! The perfect blend of spirit and restraint. Very chic (and I’m loving her arched windows and doorways!)

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  27. Yes, it all works so well! Purple tights are now on my shopping list.You do get about Curtise, I would love a day shopping with you. Good choice with the Converse, you do have to succumb now and then to teen peer-pressure by proxy, the price of new clothes is appalling though. Spirit level and chives! So glad to have a fellow appreciator. Lucy x

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