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Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award

Aside from the Awards that will be featured this year. There are a number of awards graciously sponsored by this 2008’s co-presentors. And one of them is Nokia’s Kaleidoscope of Connections.

nokia logo - Share on Ovi

Here are the details:

Challenge: Produce a video of how you connect with others using mobile technology

Your post will be judged on concept, style, and its popularity.


1st place – Nokia N95 8GB
2nd place – Nokia 6220 Classic
3rd place – Nokia N78

How to join:

1. Videos must run for 1 minute and maximum of 5 minutes and be uploaded in the given (Kaleidoscope) Share on Ovi site.

2. The video must also be uploaded in their personal blogs with a link back to the Ovi site.

3. The Blog where the video was posted and the specific link to the video post must be submitted here.

* Entries should be posted on or before September 15, 2008
* Announcement of winners will be on September 21, 2008 during the 2008 Blog Awards
* Videos submitted should not have been used in any other contest
* Videos should be General Patronage – No R-18!
* Videos submitted will be property of Nokia Philippines, Inc.

3. The video can be shot using any camera or cameraphone.

54 Responses to “Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award”

  1. […] Here are the details: ( or read info at Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award) […]

  2. […] Here are the details: ( or read info at Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award) […]

  3. […] 1. Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award […]

  4. […] 1. Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award […]

  5. […] one other category which the public can participate in: the Nokia Special Awards. Here’s how: “Produce a video of how you connect with others using mobile technology.” Prizes at […]

  6. […] 1. Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award […]

  7. Batangueno says:

    yey kasali na ako!

  8. […] the deadline for the Level Up! and Nokia Sponsor Awards have been extended to the 19th of September. So you still have time nominate your […]

  9. […] you are up to the challenge, then this one’s for you. Join the Nokia Kaleidoscope of Connections […]

  10. […] 1. Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award […]

  11. Ria Jose says:

    I emailed the details of my entry coz I can’t seem to add the video to the required Ovi channel. Thank you!

  12. jepoy says:

    I’ve emailed the links to my entry..

  13. Poyt says:

    hello, having problems with the uploading.

  14. […] Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections AwardAnd the winners are: Kaleidoscope TripMessages With an ImpactConnecting People With a Push of the Button […]

  15. Mark says:

    sayang prizes at hindi ako naka abot! kalungkot!

  16. […] – bookmarked by 3 members originally found by ichigomew22 on 2008-09-08 Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award http://www.philippineblogawards.com.ph/2008/08/26/nokias-kaleidoscope-of-connections-award/ – […]

  17. […] Here are the details: ( or read info at Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award) […]

  18. […] you are up to the challenge, then this one’s for you. Join the Nokia Kaleidoscope of Connections […]

  19. […] In: Videos and Podcasts 19 Sep 2008 Mobile technology made communication faster and heck of a lot easier compared to the time when our ancestors had to scream their lungs out just to send a message. Mobile technology breaks through distance, time and social conditions, bringing different people together WITH A PUSH OF A BUTTON. This video is an entry to the Nokia Video Contest: Kaleidoscope of Connections. […]

  20. Bedo says:

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  21. Jeff says:

    I have to admit that I tend to just drive through Ohio on my way to Michigan (from Florida) and then the retrun trip back home. I have many friends in Ohio and they all love it. There must be something that keeps you all happy besides Ohio State Football LOLLovely photos!Kristin _ The Goat

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  23. Willan says:

    I agree with you completely! I love Sylvania, Toledo, Ohio and Michigan! I wish more peolpe could see the all the positives in our world! Stop complaining and take a deep inhale of life!Love you Tiffany!

  24. Senioreta says:

    What a gorgeous view and the pecfert dish to enjoy it! My mouth started watering when I read your recipe title (in a good way, not a “that’s too spicy” way) — great post, Heather!

  25. Hareshkumar says:

    Stamp and Show,I love the different crloos you have used and the image is just great, wow Thank you for sharing and good luck, Hugs Terry xxxx

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