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12 Nov'11
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Last day for nominations!

Have you nominated your blog or favorite blog yet? If not, better nominate now for today is the last day for nominations. We will be closing nominations at midnight. Here are the links to the nomination forms for your quick reference:

Don’t forget to read the eligibility requirements and the nomination process first! Go on, go nominate before the deadline! 🙂


6 Responses to “Last day for nominations!”

  1. simon says:

    Wohoo! When will the nominees be posted here?

  2. emjoven says:

    Hi All,

    please post the nominees and the schedule of activities.


  3. Pacute says:

    Sorry I’m late. Bdw, I would like to nominate myself. Count me in pleazzz…

  4. Pacute says:

    for Entertainment

  5. spiderye says:

    hi,do you have a short list of nominees na? thanks.

  6. Bruce in Iloilo says:

    I think that the first eligibility requirement, “I. It must be Filipino owned,” is more restrictive then it needs to be and discriminates against immigrants. I suspect that it is unintentional.

    The awards should be open to blogs related to the Philippines and the Philippine diaspora. It shouldn’t matter what passport one carries or the color of one’s skin.

    I should be allowed to compete. The rules, as written, says I cannot because I am a white guy carrying an American passport, this despite the fact that I live and work, and love, the Philippines.

    This is discrimination pure and simple, most likely unintentional.

    It is easy to forget, because we are relatively so few, that there are tens of thousands of us in the Philippines, and I don’t mean returning OFWs who are no longer Philippine citizens. There are professionals who work in Makati. There are missionaries who are kidnapped and murdered. There are Chinese and Indian businessmen. There are loving wives and husbands, parents and grandparents.

    All of these people, these permanent residents, are Filipino by choice, if not by law or skin color. In our hearts, we are Filipino. We should be fully accepted into our adopted country. We should not be treated as outsiders, excluded from full participation in civil life, and that includes the blogger community and these awards.

    Accept us fully. Accept us for what we are, your neighbors, friends, lovers, indeed your fellow Filipino bloggers. Let us, in this country, set the standard of acceptance and openness to immigrants and outsiders for the whole world to follow.

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